Shielding your business

Guarding users, data and devices with Concero Protect

Keeping businesses safe and secure is in our DNA

In the realm of business – you are confronted with an ever-evolving cyber security threat landscape that exposes you to potential disruptions, reputational harm, data loss, financial setbacks, and even breaches of GDPR regulations.


Concero Protect

Our all in one solution, Concero Protect offers clear guidance and support as well as practical solutions. 

Unlike other solutions, we won’t drop a report on your desk and leave you to solve any outstanding issues – we will highlight and resolve risks, discussing any areas which may impact your day-to-day use of technology.

Meet Industry Requirements

We ensure your platforms are audited, secured and updated - and where applicable, compliant using Cyber Essentials and other relevant frameworks.

Experienced Experts

Our team work across thousands of users in hundreds of locations, each with unique experiences - providing a comprehensive experience base we use to be pro-active.

Reducing Disruption

We firmly believe that your security shoudn't hold you back. Good security is invisable.

Audit & Diagnostic

Evaluate your current security setup and assess if you meet Cyber Security NCSC standards as well as best practice.

Prevention & Monitoring

Implementing required changes and best practice updates – have confidence that your system is protected

Training for staff 

Tailored online training for staff across the year delivered by our expert team and our partners

Support & Recovery

If a breach occurs, you have fast access to our experts to minimise the risk of further damage, and aid in recovery.

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Expose your blind spots

No matter how big or small your organisation is, we believe safety, security, and compliance are paramount.

In partnership with Ingram Micro Security, we’re dedicated to creating a secure and trustworthy digital environment, enabling modern organisations to thrive and grow.

Together, we evaluate your current security setup and assess if your organisation is safe, secure and compliant. To discuss your results and explore the possibilities together, get in touch.


Free assessment to find out where your security weaknesses lie and avoid cyber-attacks.